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Selling Instore

Selling with us is a quick and easy process! Come in store with the items you'd like to sell, we'll evaluate their value, throw you an offer in cash or store credit based off market value, and that's it! Obviously there's more to it, but that's the gist.



All bulk MUST be sorted in the above listed categories for us to take it. We will deny any unsorted bulk. Rates are subject to change. Table space is available in store for sorting unless an event requires maximum table space.

Other items:

Depending on your items, you can expect an offer about 30~50% cash, or 50~70% store credit based on what you have for us. Offers vary item to item*

Items we're interested in but not limited to are as follow:

Card Games (MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, etc.)

Video Games (Any and all genres and condition of cartridge/disc affect value therefore affect our offer)

Video Game Consoles (Steps to insure a console was or was not stolen will be enforced)

Collectibles (Statues, Figures, etc.)

Contact us or visit in store to find out what else we can take in.

All transactions over $100 require an ID or Drivers License. All transactions are recorded and put into our records. We have the right to refuse any and all items much like we have the right to refuse service. Any suspicious items or items that can be proven or are under suspicion of being stolen will be confiscated until proven otherwise and reported to the local Police.

TCG Bulk Rates:

                            Pokemon:                                                 Magic: The Gathering:                                               Yu-Gi-Oh:

                Common/Uncommon: .0025                                          Rare: .015                                                Common/Rare: .005

                      Reverse/Rare/Holo: .01                                           Foil: .015                                                          Foil: .025

                         V/GX/EX: .10

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