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Meet our Team


Venti Bear

Employee of the month
(every month)

Doesn't have a concept of Social Media (We think?)




IG: mkasof




Artist & IG: Mallitee


Artist & IG: ahhgela 



Artist & Content Creator




IG: panini_presss

Our team works hard to provide you everything we can to make sure your time with us is a great one. Both our artists, and staff care about your experience at the store. Here's a way to find out more about us!

Part of what puts the Art, in CardArt, is the artists we work with. At CardArt, we help promote and sell local artwork instore. All artists are paid and approve of CardArt acting as a place for them to sell their works, as we respect the work of artists and their talents and try our best to keep full transparency with them, as well as everyone else we interact with. Our goal is to help promote these artists, and to support their passion to create.

If you would like to sell art through us, email us your portfolio at . Please note that not everyone will be accepted into our artist program. We have a long backlog of other artists we are trying to work with, and as a small business, we have many other areas of our shop to maintain. If we do not reply don't fret. Just try again, and hopefully one day the stars will align and we can work together. 

Come join our artists and be part of our community on discord!

Follow the rules, and with the artist role, you can share your work, hang out in calls, and be part of the creative, fun filled, warm welcoming environment we strive to create!

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